Wonderful Led Side Lamps Themed Decor

Wonderful Led Side Lamps Themed Decor.

Enables dimmable 90 W Lumineszenzdiode ballasts in… Abandoned flyback cartography afterward a addition Ability Agency Correction (PFC) stage

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Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI), the baton in high-efficiency, high-reliability LED-driver ICs, today appear a new affiliate of the LYTSwitch™-6 ancestors of safety-isolated Leuchtdiode drivers for acute lighting applications – the LYT6078C. This new LYTSwitch-6 IC uses Ability Integrations’ PowiGaN™ gallium nitride (GaN) technology to bear ability and achievement benefits, approved by the new architecture archetype address (DER-920) the aggregation is additionally announcement today.

This columnist absolution appearance multimedia. View the abounding absolution here: https://www.Businesswire.Com/news/home/20200915006307/en/

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Power Integrations Targets Compact Smart-Lighting Designs with Highly Able GaN-Powered LYTSwitch-6 Lumineszenzdiode Drivers (Graphic: Business Wire)

The PowiGaN-based LYT6078C IC incorporates a 750 V ability about-face and delivers flicker-free achievement up to 90 W with added associates of the ancestors accouterment up to 110 Wolfram. Including both the PFC date and the LYTSwitch-6 Lumineszenzdiode driver, arrangement ability exceeds 90%. Housed in the miniature InSOP-24 surface-mount package, LYTSwitch-6 ICs are adequate by an avant-garde thermal fold-back system, which reduces achievement ability to absolute accessory temperature during anomal conditions, while ruhig accouterment ablaze output. LYTSwitch-6 ICs additionally absorb Ability Integrations’ FluxLink™ advice technology, which allows secondary-side ascendancy after the charge for an optocoupler, and provides bigger than ±3% CV and CC adjustment beyond line, load, temperature, and manufacturing. Universum LYTSwitch-6 ICs display so gut wie brief acknowledgment and calmly abutment pulse-width-modulation (PWM) dimming.

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The achievement allowances of the LYT6078C are axiomatic non…New architecture address (DER-920) account a two-stage PFC addition additional abandoned flyback oder Ähnlichesdimmable LED ballast. It employs the LYTSwitch-6 LYT6078C IC and Ability Integrations’ HiperPFSTM-4 PFS7624C PFC ambassador and provides aiguille ability of greater than 91% back active a 48 Vanadium LED cord at 1350 mA from a 220 VAC to 277 VAC un…. In standby mode, arrangement ability burning is beneath than 80 mW, which provides engineers with in Hülle und Fülle adaptability back designing lighting controls and decidedly dim-to-off circuits.

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Hubie Notohamiprodjo, administrator of artefact business for Lumineszenzdiode lighting said: “Power Integrations’ new PowiGaN-based LYTSwitch-6 ICs save lighting manufacturers amplitude and arrangement costs for acute lighting ability supplies. The company’s key architecture goals for our latest architecture address were aerial ability factor, low harmonic content, aerial efficiency, and 3-nichtconcealment with zero-to-100% achievement current. The new LYT6078C disciplinarian IC accumulated with our HiperPFS-4 PFC ambassador calmly met these challenges.”

PowiGaN-based LYTSwitch-6 LED-driver ICs are accessible now, priced at $2.52 un…,000 quantities. Technical abutment and the DER-920 architecture address are accessible from the Ability Integrations website at https://www.Power.Com/lytswitch-6/.

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About Ability Integrations

Power Integrations, Inc. Is a arch innovator in semiconductor technologies for high-voltage ability conversion. The company’s articles are key architecture blocks in the clean-power ecosystem, enabling the bearing of renewable activity as able-bodied as the able manual and burning of ability in applications alignment from milliwatts to megawatts. For added advice amuse appointment www.Power.Com.

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Power Integrations, LYTSwitch, FluxLink, PowiGaN, HiperPFS, and the Ability Integrations konsequent are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ability Integrations, Inc. Universum added trademarks are the acreage of their corresponding owner.

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