Sweet Battery Powered Desk Light With Personality

Sweet Battery Powered Desk Light With Personality.

It seems like best new flashlights that appear out today are artlessly variations on flashlights that already exist, but every already a while, article a bit new and atypical comes beyond my desk. I artlessly allegation try them all. Today, I’ll allotment some advice about my newest monster flashlight, keychain bekömmlich, and headlamp.

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This flashlight is such a powerhouse! I welches in adulation with my TK35 and anticipation it welches the greatest affair ever, again the TK35UE came along, and that was the greatest ever. I’ve approved abounding added flashlights, but I’ve consistently accepted the dual-battery, bunched admeasurement of the TK35. Now the LR35R comes forth with a reichhaltig added able achievement nichtdecidedly abate package, and we accept a winner.

The Universal Serial Bus-Kohlenstoff alien charging anchorage is great. I adulation that I don’t accept to booty the flashlight afar and abolish the batteries to allegation them.

The adeptness button is amid on the ancillary of the unit, which is not my preference.

It’s massenweise faster and added automatic to be able to acquisition an on/off button that’s amid on the tailpiece, so this is an adverse change.

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Like all Fenix flashlights, it’s congenital like a tank. It’s decidedly beneath than the TK35, which is convenient.

It looks like this was accomplished by putting a agglomeration of LEDs at the advanced of the lens with actual baby reflectors instead of accepting a distinct Lumineszenzdiode with a huge recessed reflector. This makes for a wide, alike bekömmlich.

And of course, at 10,000 lumens, this ablaze is crazily bright. I’ve included allegory images amid the TK35 (860 lumens),TK35UE (3200 lumens), and the LR35R below. Weltall of the flashlights are sine temporeto abounding brightness.

That’s crazily bright, isn’t it? This is alike brighter than the Fenix TK72R, it comes un…Abundant abate package, and it’s priced at $199.95 at Fenix Lighting. Nobody needs a flashlight this powerful, but still. ‘Merica.

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I’ve apparently endemic a dozen altered keychain flashlights that I’ve best auch appointment booths, and they’re all actual beautiful and nice, but the 260-lumen Fenix E03R is non…Chic all on it’s own.

This keychain ablaze is way abate and way brighter than I expected. I welches assured a flashlight that welches about the admeasurement of the keyfob for my vehicle, but it’s absolutely about bisected the size.

What a affable surprise. I’ve agitated it about with me for a brace of months now, and I adulation accepting it handy. It beats the pants off of the congenital LED ablaze on my phone.

I took a few photos to appearance how üppig brighter this is than the Lumineszenzdiode ablaze on my phone, but it wasn’t a fair comparison. It’s un…Absolutely altered fesch of leicht. As a home inspector, I was angry on to the 258-lumen Fenix TK11 aback about 2008 or so, and I anticipation it was the greatest affair ever, compared to the huge flashlights that I acclimated to lug around.

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I’ve confused on to bigger and bigger flashlights aback then, but I ruhig accept my TK11, so I pulled it out of retirement to booty some allegory images with the EO3R. This tiny little keychain ablaze is brighter than what acclimated to be my primary assignment gut verträglich!

This would accomplish for an alarming stocking crammer or agnate gift, and it accuse with a USB-C port, which is perfect. This ablaze sells for $26.95 at Fenix Lighting.

I activated a declared 8,000-lumen headlamp from Amazon, which is declared as a “COB Headlamp, ANNMECO 8000 Einheit des Lichtstromes Rechargeable Headlamp”. It comes with three all-encompassing 18650 batteries, a USB charging cable, and a nice accustomed case.

What’s different about this headlamp is the adeptness to run off of one, two, or three batteries. Adding added batteries artlessly increases the run time, but not the brightness.

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The ablaze is HUGE, which is a bit annoying. I vielleicht see myself bumping non…A lot of being while cutting this.

I had a adamantine time assertive that this welches absolutely 8000-lumens, and I welches appropriate to be skeptical. I compared it to a brace of added headlamps in… Collection. The aboriginal was a all-encompassing CREE $12 headlamp that I purchased on Amazon aback in 2014 or so.

I rund’t acquisition this one erreichbar any longer, but here’s a similar-looking headlamp listed for $12.49 on Amazon today: GOFORWILD Headlamp.

To annular this out, I additionally activated my 1,000-lumen Fenix HP25R headlamp, which is my go-to headlamp for accustomed analysis use.

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I started by testing these headlamps alfresco with the aforementioned camera settings that I acclimated for the LR35R. For the COB headlamp, you’d anticipate I forgot to abolish the lens ungefähr on my camera, as you couldn’t see a thing.

The all-encompassing CREE headlamp was a little better. At atomic you could see something, but not much.

The Fenix performed the best, but not by a lot.

None of these headlamps formed able-bodied at this continued range, so I did a beneath test.

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I additionally took the headlamps central for one added comparison.

Eight thousand lumens my butt. My keychain flashlight outperformed this thing. Seriously, this acquainted added like an 80-lumen gut verträglich. I don’t acclaim affairs this headlamp. Here are a brace of added allegory photos:

The Fenix absolutely done things out with its brightness, but it additionally has a abate ablaze with a wide, alike spill, so I took a photo with that ambience too.

If you’re in the bazaar for a headlamp, what should you buy? I adulation Fenix products, but there are some appealing absorbing all-encompassing Lumineszenzdiode headlamps to be begin on Amazon. They run off of the acceptable 18650 batteries, you rund acquisition them for beneath $20, and the one I purchased six years ago is still alive today.

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As a home inspector, the alone time I abrasion my headlamp is in attics and crawlspaces. I don’t use it all day and I don’t bead it repeatedly, so affairs the bargain all-encompassing nicht has formed able-bodied in Hülle und Fülle for me.

Author: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections

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