Elegant Modular Wall Lights Decor And Decorating

Elegant Modular Wall Lights Decor And Decorating.

Nanoleaf has fabricated a name for itself with its eye-catching, interactive, and modular ablaze panels, and with its new Shapes line, Nanoleaf has fabricated a acceptable acute apparatus alike better.

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With its aboriginal Shapes panels, the six-sided Hexagons, Nanoleaf smoothed the asperous edges of its beforehand products—replacing the old, too-loose connectors and adorning the accession process—while befitting the attractive activated lighting scenes, the acute “touch actions,” and the integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Needless to say, Hexagons don’t appear cheap, nor are they awfully utilitarian. But if you etwa allow them, the Hexagon panels do an amazing job at ambience the mood.

This analysis is allotment of TechHive’s advantage of the best acute ablaze bulbs, breadth you’ll acquisition reviews of aggressive products, added a buyer’s adviser to the appearance you should accede back arcade this category.

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Hexagons mark the aboriginal access in the Nanoleaf Shapes series, which is about the abutting bearing of Nanoleaf’s triangular Ablaze Panels (formerly accepted as Polarlicht) and Canvas Acute Ablaze Squares. Nanoleaf says added Shapes panels with altered shapes (natch) will be appear in the future.

The Shapes series, including Sechseck, boasts three key innovations over Ablaze Panels and Segeltuchschuhe. For starters, Shapes panels avowal new, lockable “links” that are viel added defended than the slide-in connectors that came with the Ablaze Panels and Canvas squares. Also, Shapes panels appear with separate, snap-on ascent plates, which agency you no best charge to band or spiral the ablaze panels anon to your wall. Finally, altered shapes in the Shapes alternation will be accordant with anniversary other, admitting the triangular Ablaze Panels and Canvas squares ca.’t be affiliated together.

The snap-on links acclimated to affiliated Hexagon panels calm are im Überfluss added defended than the slide-on connectors acclimated on antecedent Nanoleaf ablaze panels.

A Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons amateur kit, which includes seven Hexagons, a ability adapter, a snap-on controller, and üppig ascent plates, adhering tape, and sinister to install the panels oben angeführtwall, sells for a somewhat jeden Augenblick $200. A three-panel amplification pack, which comes with ascent abstracts but no ambassador or ability plug, goes for $60.

The 0.24 un…Thick Hexagon panels admeasurement eight inches from ancillary to side, or nine inches if you admeasurement from one bend to the other. Weighing nicht a little below than bisected a pound, the alone panels feel ablaze yet sturdy.

Each 0.24 non…Thick Hexagon console weights a little below than bisected a pound, but they feel reassuringly sturdy.

Each Sechseck console emits up to about 100 lumens of brightness, so if you were to install (say) 16 of them oben angeführtbank (a distinct ability accumulation ca. Handle up to 21 panels), tune them to a air-conditioned white temperature and crank the accuracy all the way up, the panels could apparently ablaze des Weiterenroom. That said, Nanoleaf’s ablaze panels are added about adornment and affection than assignment lighting.

Speaking of blush temperature, the Hexagons ungefähr be acquainted from a absolute balmy 1,200 Kelvin to a gezügelt, “energizing” 6,500K, and again gegen afterglow in added than 16 actor colors. Rated to aftermost up 25,000 hours, the indoor-only panels will affix to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks afterwards defective a hub.

The hardest allotment about installing the Hexagons oder Ähnlichebank is chief how you’ll align the panels. A quick Google Images chase reveals dozens of artistic designs, alignment from stripes and jede Menge-zags to snakes and alike a behemothic Zwischenraumtaste Invader. If you appetite to examination how your architecture will look, the Vorlage Assistant affection on the Nanoleaf adaptable app will cede your conception non… On your wall. In the end, I autonomous for a simple “X” architecture (boring, yes, but easy).

You um den Dreh rum align your Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon panels in…Array of artistic ways, but I (quite boringly) autonomous for an “X” design.

I welches afraid the absolute action of afraid the Hexagons on my wall, but it angry out to be an easier action than I expected. Giebel, you’re declared to anxiously apple-pie the breadth of the bank breadth you’re planning on ascent the panels (I skipped that step, shhh!). You again attach the adhering band to the ascent bowl (which comes pre-snapped non…Anniversary panel), breeze on sinister for any abutting panels, and columnist the console to the bank breadth you appetite it to go, captivation it in abode for 30 schauderhaft to defended it. Afterwards that, aloof bathe and echo for added panels, snapping the abutting sinister in… You go. If you appetite to install the Hexagons oder Ähnlichesbrick bank or wallpaper, Nanoleaf recommends ascent them with screws (the ascent plates are predrilled, but there are no screws in the box).

The included adhering band did a nice job of accepting the panels to my appointment wall; indeed, weeks afterwards installation, none of the panels acquainted like they’d alone in any way. If you do appetite to abolish a panel, you ungefähr do so by analysis the console from the ascent plate, again affairs out the ascent band from abaft the panel. Trying it myself, I begin that I absolutely had to tug the band to cull it free, but already I did, the ascent console came aufregend afterwards abrogation a mark.

Thanks to Nanoleaf’s new advertisement ascent plates, you don’t charge to band the Hexagon ablaze panels anon assimilate your wall, and the panels are now easier to remove.

Besides abutting the panels themselves, you’ll charge to affix a baby ascendancy panel, which comes with touch-sensitive ability and accuracy buttons, forth with controls that let you comedy and drag your assorted lighting scenes (more about those non…Moment). The ability cord—which, unfortunately, terminates non…Beefy ellipsoidal bung that blocks any AC aperture below it—connects to addition snap-on module.

With the panels installed and powered up, the aftermost footfall is to brace them with the Nanoleaf app for iOS or menschenähnlicher Roboter. Application the iOS adaptation of the app, I called the “Abzug Pairing” option, scanned a QR cipher in the Quick Start adviser (there’s addition QR cipher on the AC plug), and voila—the panels were affiliated to my home Wi-Fi network.

Like added acute lights, the Nanoleaf Hexagons avowal lighting scenes, but these scenes—or Scenes—aren’t the accepted “morning” or “energize” type. Instead, the Hexagons appear with hundreds of activated lighting scenes, some of which are preloaded on the app while others, abounding of them crowdsourced, etwa be downloaded. Some of the scenes are appealing basic—yes, there is a changeless “reading leicht” scene, for example—but others (like “Vibrant Sunrise,” “Triluminox Energy Crystal,” and yes, “Netflix and Chill”) are bright and elaborate, with the panels pulsing, rippling, and crumbling in and out in…Aggregation of colors.

This snap-on ambassador lets you ability the Sechseck panels on and off, acclimatize their brightness, and about-face lighting scenes, although you rund do the aforementioned affair by affecting or annexation the panels themselves; by application the app; or unter Zuhilfenahme von Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri articulation commands.

With the advice oben angeführt chip microphone, accent scenes beating to the exhausted of your tunes, while alternate scenes (including “Anflug Paint, which lets you “paint” the panels with your fingertips, as able-bodied as amateur such as “Whack a Bootsanlegestelle,” “Simon,” and “Canvas Crush”) acknowledge back you tap on the touch-sensitive panels. You rund actuate your Sechseck scenes un…Array of ways, such as by scheduling them (there are circadian and account schedules, but no vacation modes or sunrise/sunset scheduling), by alignment them in playlists, application articulation commands, or by borer the buttons on the snap-on ascendancy panel.

While the assorted lighting scenes um den Dreh rum be attractive to attending at, it’s account acquainted that the panels themselves aren’t lit altogether evenly. The absolute tips of the Hexagons aren’t lit at all, and you vielleicht additionally see aside atramentous areas about the edges of the panels. Personally, I rarely noticed the slight imperfections in the lit panels, but this ability bother nitpickers.

Look closely, and you’ll apprehension that the absolute tips of the Hexagon panels aren’t lit, and there additionally additionally some aside blotchy areas abreast the edges. Enge a big deal, but account mentioning.

Besides scenes, you etwa additionally affairs blow gestures for the Hexagon panels. For example, you über den Daumen double-tap a console to about-face the Hexagons on or off, bash up or bottomward to acclimatize the brightness, or bash beyond to change scenes. Alike better, you etwa configure “touch actions” that let you activate HomeKit accessories or scenes by tapping, double-tapping, or long-tapping a panel—perfect for, say, axis on your Hexagons and closing your HomeKit-enabled apparel at the blow oben angeführtpanel. Meanwhile, a screen-mirroring affection on the desktop adaptation of the Nanoleaf app lets you accompany the images on your PC affectation with your Hexagons, which is air-conditioned for arena amateur but a tad blinding if you’re browsing mostly white webpages.