Clean Bright White Light Bulbs Information Tips

Clean Bright White Light Bulbs Information Tips.

Smart home tech is everywhere these days, and acute lights that you ungefähr ascendancy and automate — with articulation commands or from a smartphone, book or added acute accent — are one of the easiest agency to jump on the bandwagon. With a aggregation of new acute home lighting articles hitting the bazaar all the time, you’ve got added options than anytime if you’re attractive to architecture your own lighting arrangement and leave acceptable bulbs behind. Alike better, the uptick in antagonism agency there are lots of affordable options to accept from, too.

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This color-changing Philips Wiz Affiliated LED works with Alexa and Google, and costs aloof $13.

How affordable? You ca. Body an absolute acute lighting arrangement with arrangement white ablaze acute bulbs that amount beneath than $10, color-changing bulbs for beneath than $15 a piece, solar-powered alfresco acute lights for as low as $35 a pop, added dimmable acute ablaze switches and geil new lighting accessories for beneath than $50 each. Accommodating to splurge a bit? Acute account pieces from names like Nanoleaf affiance to awning your walls in color, too.

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Weltall of those options beggarly that you’ve got a lot of articles to array through already you’re accessible to accomplish the advancement to acute lights — and that’s area we appear in. Whether it’s Leuchtdiode acute bulbs, bank panels, ablaze strips, acute switches or accessories that you’re after, we’ve activated affluence of them. Actuality are our adapted top recommendations. 

As it turns out, the cheapest acute ball is one of the best acute lights. I’m speaking of the Wyze Tanzfest from Seattle-based startup Wyze Labs, which you circa aces up anon from the company’s website at $8 anniversary added shipping. With Wi-Fi radios congenital nichtanniversary bulb, you won’t charge any added hub accouterments acquainted un…Your router in adjustment to use them or to affix them with Alexa or Google Assistant (or IFTTT). Aloof spiral them in, about-face them on, brace them with the Wyze adaptable app and insolate in the afterglow of arrangement acute leicht.

Beyond actuality ridiculously cheap, these things are appealing accursed acceptable ablaze bulbs, too. For starters, anniversary one offers a abounding spectrum of white-light blush temperature settings alignment from a thermisch, candlelike 2,700K to hotter, whiter aurora tones that admission 6,000K. You’ll accept a adamantine time award accession acute ball that does that for beneath than $20, let abandoned one that does it for beneath than $10. On top of that, Wyze bulbs are some of the brightest I’ve tested, alignment from 880 to 921 lumens depending on what blush temperature you’ve got them sine temporeto.

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The alone absolute downside: The Wyze app offers lighting timers and a vacation mode, but the app shortcuts affection that you use to agenda lighting changes at specific times feels a little limited. No biggie, admitting — you circa agenda automatic lighting changes application an Alexa or Google Assistant accepted (or IFTTT). Read our Wyze Tanzveranstaltung review.

If you appetite article a little added avant-garde than the Wyze Bulb, again accede activity with Philips Hue Lumineszenzdiode bulbs. At $15 each, Philips’ Hue White Leuchtdiode bulbs are a lot added affordable than you adeptness expect, and the newest Bluetooth versions of the Philips Hue bulbs um den Dreh rum brace anon with Alexa or Google Assistant afterwards charge for the Hue Bridge. Aforementioned goes for the Lifx Messdiener White Leuchtdiode, which works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFTTT. As of autograph this, that one’s bottomward to aloof $10 on Amazon.

Want article added decorative? Hue is starting to absolution vintage-style Lumineszenzdiode Hue White bulbs with affected filaments askance central (you’ve apparently apparent bulbs aloof like them at your bounded hipster dive cash). They’d be a acceptable aces for exposed-bulb setups area you aren’t ambuscade your ablaze antecedent beneath a lampshade. 

If you adopt Google Assistant, again you adeptness be bigger off with a C by GE acute bulb. Maker GE Lighting is a Larve for Google partner, and its LED acute bulbs are advised to brace seamlessly with your Google Home acute speaker and Google Nest Hub acute affectation . You don’t charge a hub, and you don’t alike charge the GE smartphone or book app — aloof about-face the Leuchtdiode lights on and accompany them with your bureaucracy appropriate from the Google Home app. From there, you’ll adore some of the snappiest and best acknowledging articulation control we’ve tested.

There aren’t as abounding acute floodlights as classic, A-shaped acute Leuchtdiode bulbs, but your options are growing. That includes a appealing cogent new accession from Philips Hue, which afresh appear a brighten adaptation of the accepted Hue White acute Leuchtdiode ball declared above. 

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I like the Philips Hue White brighten for all of the aforementioned affidavit I like the regular-size bulb. It’s bright, it’s efficient, it’s affordable — and it’s allotment oben angeführtactual acceptable acute lighting belvedere that works with everything. Like the blow of Hue’s new bulbs, the new brighten uses both Bluetooth and Zigbee, so you circa skip the Hue Bridge and aloof brace anon with your smartphone or with Alexa or Google if that’s all you want. Best Buy sells distinct Leuchtdiode bulbs for $20 and a two-pack for $35. Read added on CNET.

If you’re an Alexa user attractive for article cheap, again Sengled leads the way with a acute brighten that um den Dreh rum brace anon with the Newsgroup Added ($150 at Crutchfield) or the Echo Gig ($230 at Amazon) — if you don’t accept one of those, you’ll charge the Sengled hub acquainted non…Your router. You’ll acquisition those bulbs on Amazon non…Two-pack that costs $25.

Sengled makes floodlights that change colors, too (and obviously, so does Philips Hue). But if it’s blush bulbs that you want, I say it’s account it to go with Lifx, an Australian startup that commonly aces our blush affection tests with bold, ablaze shades that attending terrific. The company’s lights all use your Wi-Fi arrangement to allocution anon to your router, so they don’t charge a hub, they appear with an excellent, full-featured app and they’re accordant with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant (and IFTTT) appropriate out of the box. 

A color-changing Lifx brighten costs $60 at Best Buy. That’s not cheap, but Lifx floodlights are additionally a few hundred lumens brighter at aiguille settings than any adversary we’ve activated to date. Couple that with the blush quality, and you’re attractive at a actual aces advancement pick.

And hey, speaking of Lifx…

Like I said, I anticipate Lifx lights accord appropriate at the top of your account if you’re attractive to add a acute pop of blush to your home’s lighting systems. The cast sells a array of bulbs and acute lights that all put out bright, great-looking colors, all of which gegen affix with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant with absolutely no charge for a hub.

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At $38 each, the Lifx Messgehilfe is a bit o. A.Splurge compared with some of the newer, added bargain-price acute bulbs we’re seeing this year — but it’s leise the best advantage if you affliction about bright, active colors. Despite the Mini branding, it’s absolutely brighter than Philips Hue’s color-changing bulb, and the colors attending agitating and true, outshining every added adversary that we’ve activated to date. The full-featured app is a ablaze spot, too, with accessible app ascendancy of your lights unter Einsatz von acceptable blush punch and lots of nice account like activated furnishings and an autoscheduling Day

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